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'A fundamental album to understand the new Iberian folklore in which, armed only with violin, accordion and voice, they become one of the fundamental keys to the rebirth of Galician, Celtic and Iberian folklore.'

Olga Brañas - Nós Diario




'Creators with a great popular imagination and with undoubted instrumental skill and mastery of melody.'

Maria Ivanova - Sonograma Magazine

'They are a breath of fresh air within the music scene of Galicia.'


Sabela Caamaño (chromatic accordion) and Antía Ameixeiras (violin and vocals) form Caamaño&Ameixeiras, a Galician duo linked to roots music and dance. Since its birth, in 2018, this duo has had an intense trajectory, both nationally and internationally. Taking tradition as a starting point, the duo manages to create their own unique language, with personal and lively compositions and arrangements that maintain the essence of popular music while incorporating contemporary resources and placing emotion at the forefront.


After the success of their first album, Aire! (Segell Microscopi, 2021) (Martín Códax da Música 2021 Award in Folk category, 1st Prize in Folkez Blai 2021 (Ermua, Basque Country), Opinión da Música de Raíz ao disco do ano 2021 Award), produced by the renowned musician from Burgos Diego Galaz and with such outstanding collaborations as that of Sílvia Pérez Cruz or Fetén Fetén, the duo releases their second album in October 2023.


In Quitar o aire (Raso Estudio, 2023), with Hevi (Malandrómeda) at the controls of the production, Caamaño&Ameixeiras resignify and update the codes of roots music, turning their sound upside down, elevating the mysticism and depth, taking the sonority of Galician and Iberian tradition to the virulence of more frontal planes with music that goes beyond the margins of genres.

Sabela Caamaño

Antía Ameixeiras

Sabela Caamaño (Oza dos Ríos, 1990) begins her accordion studies at the age of seven. From the beginning of her musical career, she is very connected to Galician traditional and popular music, which she combines with a broad academic background. She holds a higher degree in Accordion, Musical Language Pedagogy and Piano. Nowadays, she works as a teacher in the Professional Conservatory of Music in A Coruña, as well as being part of several musical and artistic projects as an interpreter.


As a pianist, it is important to point out her participation in the soundtrack of the film Elisa and Marcela by Isabel Coixet, in 2018. As an accordionist, she has taken part and been awarded in many competitions at a national and international level (2nd prize in the IV International Folk Instrument Festival Competition in St. Petersburg (Russia); 1st prize in the cathegory Junior Varieté in the 50th Certamen Nacional de Acordeón; 1st prize in the cathegory Junior Varieté in the IV Trofeo Ibérico de Acordeón, etc.) She has also attended courses and master classes of interpreters such as Oleg Sharov, Anne Landa, Ángel Huidobro, Iñaki Alberdi, Aníbal Freire, Ángel Luis Castaño, Esteban Algora, Volodymyr Runchak and Mika Väyrynen. 


Apart from the duo Caamaño&Ameixeiras, her most personal project, she often collaborates with other musicians. Furthermore, she is part of the trio Quinta San Vitorio, together with Pedro Lamas and Sofia Portugal, and of the Europejska Orkiestra, directed by Roberto Somoza.

Since the age of five, Antía Ameixeiras attends Galician traditional dance and tambourine classes in Baio (Costa da Morte), her hometown. She has always been a lover of traditional culture. In 2010, she graduates as a violin player in the Professional Conservatory of Music in Carballo (A Coruña). Later in Santiago de Compostela, she enrolls A Central Folque and changes the classical violin for the traditional. She has been trained by teachers such as Quim Farinha, Gutier Álvarez, Sofia Hogstadious, Michalis Kouloumis and Kate Young, who she knew while living in Prague, the city where Antía gets in touch with another European music. She makes several musical stays in Bulgaria learning popular music and, in 2017, she started to study modern music, first in the Escuela Estudio, then in the Stage de impro of Mydriase school in France and lastly in the Taller de Músics in Barcelona.


In 2015, she receives the grant Beca de Excelencia Artística Galega. which takes her on tour with Carlos Núñez throughout the United States. She is still collaborating with him. Furthermore, she has participated in projects such as the film La Jota by Carlos Saura, the band of Carlos Núñez or the albums Tentemozo by Os Cempés and Galiza by Kepa Junkera. In 2016, she joins the historical band Luar na Lubre, records two albums (XXX Aniversario de Luar na Lubre and Ribeira Sacra) and begins to make national and international tours (France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Mexico etc.) In 2019, she records Oîma trio first album. Antía has shared the stage with musicians like Gustavo Santaolalla, Jordi Savall y Hespèrion XXI, Dan Ar Braz, Ceumar and Uxía Senlle.

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