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Quitar o aire  (2023)


Quitar o aire (Raso Estudio, 2023) is inspired by Galician popular rites. A fascinating universe where reality, magic and religion converge to provide answers, to heal and celebrate life. A world that places the tribe at the centre, the community, understood as a network of help to save each other.


In this album, the duo emotionally and musically undresses to connect with their roots and immerse themselves in this imaginary, which is also their own, to visit and recreate some of the most beautiful and suggestive places. From the intimacy and sadness of mourning to the exaltation and celebration of the cure of illness. From the excited illusion of love filters to the powerful darkness of exorcisms. 


After their first album, Aire! (2021), Caamaño&Ameixeiras now appeal to the purifying rite, to the precise word, to ancestral wisdom. To chaos and renewal.


Quitar o aire.

Aire!  (2021)

Aire! (Segell Microscopi, 2021) is their first album, produced by the renowned musician Diego Galaz, where they have such outstanding collaborations as Sílvia Pérez Cruz, Fetén Fetén, Abraham Cupeiro, Xavi Lozano, Carola Ortiz, Pablo Martín, Apel·les Carod or El Pana.

It was all recorded by Arturo Vaquero at Abrigueiro Estudios, with the exception of  Sílvia Pérez Cruz (Turistas Sonoros) and Carola Ortíz (by Mario G. Cortizo). Collages design by Nébeda Piñeiro. Edited by Segell Microscopi.

This work has recently been recognized with the Martín Códax Music Award 2021 in the Folk category, as well as with the 1st Prize at the Folkez Blai 2021, held in Ermua (Basque Country). Also, Caamaño&Ameixeiras won the Premio Opinión da Música de Raíz 2021: Best Galician Album of the year. 

Aire! represents an exalted and enthusiastic shout of explosion and collective catharsis. An invitation to dance and sing. A celebration of the sensory. Through the eleven tunes that compose it, combination of original compositions and accurate arrangements, it offers an approach to different styles of popular music and dance, always having Galicia as a point of origin and return, as a constant heartbeat, and highlighting the brotherhood between traditions. So, this Aire! (Air!) travels through geographically distant places, from the confines of Europe to the other side of the Atlantic, but close in essence. In this first album, Caamaño&Ameixeiras also travel through the geography of emotions, from the most intimate, small and delicate to the powerful and wild, making use of dynamics and contrasts, and putting the truth of the expressive and the sensitive in the forefront.

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